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QANTAS Airline Official Customer Service Phone Number

Qantas Airlines has one of the best customer services amongst all the airlines in the world. They don’t put stock in squandering your valuable time and have various alternatives which you can pick to address one of the numerous client administration operators. Their reaction time is additionally a standout amongst the best-evaluated client benefits in the aircrafts business and is accessible 24 x 7.

The following article discusses everything you should know about the customer service of Qantas Airlines, along with other queries.

QANTAS Airlines Official Customer Service Phone Number

QANTAS Airline Official Customer Service Phone Number
QANTAS Airline Official Customer Service Phone Number

Working as a component of the Qantas Group, Qantas Airways is the biggest aircraft in Australia dependent on the size of its armada just as the quantity of worldwide flights it works over the globe. Being the third most established carrier on the planet, Qantas began working for global flights from May 1935. Nicknamed “The Flying Kangaroo,” the first name of Qantas was “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.”

It is likewise a standout amongst the most well known aircrafts on the planet, with the absolute quickest flight administrations to New Zealand, North and South America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. It was established in Winton, Queensland, and as of now has its home office in Mascot, Sydney.

The best thing about the aircrafts of Qantas Airways is the amazing and luxurious interiors and the cabin arrangements, which include seats in the First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and the Economy Class. It also boasts of some of the best in-flight entertainment and dining options.

Did you know that Qantas Airways has one of the best safety procedures and customer service among all the airlines? Which airline services should you opt for while travelling? We are here to give answers to all your queries. Just read on and find out more about one of the best airlines you could ever choose.

Customer Service Chat

Qantas offers probably the top tier flight administrations. This, alongside its client care administration is the thing that makes the carriers as a standout amongst the best organizations out there. Qantas utilizes its client care administration so that it draws in and pulls in its clients and gets some answers concerning their necessities and inclinations. You can contact their client support by means of a fluctuated scope of alternatives of correspondence. One such choice is the client care talk administration. Here, you can get some information about stuff, flight subtleties, registration and other flight-related issues. This visit administration is accessible day in and day out with data about all that you could require.

Be it ticket enquiries, or cancellation, or flight updates, the customer care service handles every issue with great efficiency and diligence. Their responses are quick, which adds to the whole experience that a customer has to go through.

The toll-free customer service number of Qantas Airways is (+61-2-8222-2532), (1300-659-161) or (800-227-4500).

Customer Service Email

In addition to having a great customer chat service, Qantas Airlines also has an efficient team of professionals for their user-friendly website. Having a user-friendly website makes it easier for those who want to find solutions and other information online, instead of calling the customer service.

Qantas Airways offers customers the option of emailing their issues in situations when the customer service number is busy. All emails are answered within a maximum of 24 hours with solutions to all issues as effectively and correctly as possible. Therefore, if you are not being able to call their customer service, you can always contact Qantas by email.

You can follow the below mentioned steps and email your queries to Qantas Airways customer service:

  1. Go to
  2. On the home page, click on “Help” and then click on “Customer Support.”
  3. Fill up the Customer Care Form and describe your issues.

You will then come across a page where you can register your issues, which will then be answered within a stipulated time period. The customer service team at Qantas is very efficient, so you do not have to worry about not receiving any responses.

Qantas Airways also has an official Twitter ID, wherein the consultants are available to listen to your issues and hopefully rectify them at the same time. You can write your queries to Qantas on their Twitter here.

Phone number Flight Status

QANTAS Airline Official Customer Service Phone Number
QANTAS Airline Official Customer Service Phone Number

Qantas Airways likewise has the arrangement of checking flight status by reaching a given telephone number. On the off chance that you are calling from anyplace in Australia for flight status, you can contact the number (13-13-13). For clients calling from some other nations, you would simple be able to visit the official site of Qantas Airways at and locate the devoted telephone numbers.

Under the Flight Bookings section, you can find the number beside the name of the country you are calling from, and check the status of your flights.

It is important to note that some countries offer a call-back service to Qantas customers. This way, the customers do not have to stay in queue or be on hold for an agent to speak to them. Using this service, they can have the customer service agents call them back. 

QANTAS Airlines customer service agent

Having a well organised and efficient team of professionals for the customer service department is a major necessity for all good airline companies. This team ensures that customers receive proper guidance and all their queries are answered, whether it is related to ticket changes, booking related information, or other similar problems.

Qantas Airways has, in such manner, a serious dedicated and productive group of client administration specialists. Since the client administration is an accessible day in and day out, one can converse with a devoted operator whenever they need. Each client administration operator who works for Qantas expects to offer dependable arrangements and substantial data to the clients. They are useful to all clients and even guide them to unravel flight-related issues immediately.

Additionally, the customer service agents can also give customers about the deals and discounts provide by the company. For example, if the customer is a student, the Qantas Airways customer service agent will offer crucial information about the Qantas student discount that the customer can avail and save some money.

QANTAS Airlines customer service reviews

Before flying with any airline or booking tickets with them, people often tend to get confused of they are making the right choice. This is where they try to look for reviews made by other fellow customers, regarding the advantages of the said airline, what makes it better than others and other similar things. This is why Qantas has the customer feedback, review and FAQ section, where one can read about the experiences that other people have had with the airlines.

Having a client administration area is extremely compelling since it depicts the advantages of flying with the aircrafts alongside all the diligent work that is being placed so as to make it the best carrier organization in the market. Also, when individuals read about the conclusions and encounters of other individuals, it gives a kind of consolation to them, and causes the aircraft organization to give more consideration to things that should be improved.

According to customer reviews, the customer service along with the overall experience of Qantas is quite good, with helpful staff, a nice onboard experience and affordable deals.

Contact QANTAS Airlines to change flight

In case a passenger needs to change their flights or modify their bookings, they can do this in a hassle-free process. The user-friendly Qantas website allows the customers to manage their bookings and change flights as fast and easily as possible.

Under the Flight Bookings option in the website, you can go to the Booking Help section from where you can manage, modify or change your flights. All you have to do is fill in the required details, mention the modifications along with the debit or credit card information and confirm your changes.

The “Change” button is usually in the red colour. But, in case it is grey, you will have to contact the local Qantas office to change flights. For flight changes, a minimum service fees is usually applied. These flight changes are also subject to availability.

Moreover, in case of any confusion, you can contact the customer service and get assistance directly from the airline professionals.

How to Find QANTAS Ticket Number

For a smooth and comfortable flying experience, it is important to find out about the flight details a few hours prior to the departure. Passengers can find it in the official website of the airline which provides information about the flight schedule, departure time, booking details and also lets the customers choose their preferred seats.

The “Manage Booking” section of the website helps the passengers to find out about their ticket number, seat numbers as well as make any booking changes, which is subject to availability. This can be done by filling in the required booking details and submitting the request.

Contact QANTAS For Basic Economy Seat Assignment

There are numerous aircraft which don’t permit their Economy Class travelers to change their seats. Qantas, then again, gives full opportunity to travelers, paying little respect to which class seats they have, to change their seating plans subsequent to booking their flights. This is liable to the accessibility of the seat, yet separated from that, there are no different confinements.

Customers and passengers can simply go to the official website of the airline or reach out to a Qantas customer service agent and change their Qantas seating.

In addition, the aircraft likewise has some long-standing customer programs which offer normal clients with extra advantages and limits which they can appreciate. Qantas has been as a result for a long time now and is persistently endeavoring endeavors to improve and serve the general population in a superior and upgraded way. They have every one of the ways to give you a smooth, agreeable and sumptuous experience 30,000 feet noticeable all around.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the agents of Qantas Airways along with its user-friendly website has played quite an important role in helping the airline company to expand and grow into what it is today. With unique, world class features and affordable rates of tickets, in addition to all the other convenient benefits and comfort that passengers enjoy, Qantas Airways is an airline that will quickly become your go-to choice for travelling.

QANTAS Airlines Official Customer Service Phone Number

In Short By Flight Booking Customer Service On QANTAS Airlines Official Customer Service Phone Number

Qantas Airlines has one of the best customer services amongst all the airlines in the world. They do not believe in wasting your precious time and have different options which you can opt to speak to one of the many customer service agents. Their response time is also one of the best rated customer services in the airlines industry and is available 24 x 7.

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